Outpatient Drug Treatment Orlando Drug Abuse among Women

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Studies suggest that even though men tend to be more inclined in developing addiction and use drug treatment services, women are not far behind. Also women are more likely to progress from addiction to substance dependency. Similarly they have a hard time in overcoming their addictions and have more chances of having a relapse.

Since compared to men, women are weaker physically, the harmful effects of substance abuse is worse in them. Whatever treatment, be it inpatient or outpatient drug treatment Orlando, it will be more of a struggle for women. Substance abuse could include everything from, alcohol to smoking cigarettes, stimulants to marijuana. Research shows that it is the female part of the population that is more prone to the prescription drug abuse.

Orlando Drug Rehab – Alcohol

Alcohol addiction is common among both men and women out of which 7%-12% are women. One reason is the easy accessibility and cheap cost. Most drinkers, women included, don’t believe they have any issues of dependency. Therefore they don’t feel they need any alcohol rehab center Orlando Florida. They believe they can stop drinking anytime they wish. By the time they realize the truth, they have already become dependent.

Alcohol induced diseases like liver cirrhosis and brain strokes occur in women more because of this addiction. As the level of some particular enzymes is less in women, alcohol is absorbed more rapidly in their blood streams and that is why they develop such diseases quickly.

Counseling and proper therapy that is provided at outpatient drug alcohol treatment Orlando can work wonders if women are willing to let go of their alcohol dependency and start a new life.

Orlando Drug Rehab – Prescription Drugs

Studies show that women are prescribed more medicine that is likely to be abused over the years. Antidepressants, narcotics and anti-anxiety drugs can lead to addiction when women keep refilling for prescriptions even after they have overcome the original problem.

Like alcohol, the problem with prescription drugs is the same. Women don’t realize they are addicted to the drugs, stating that since the medicine is prescribed by a doctor, it can’t be harmful. They fail to understand that such drugs are for temporary use only. This education is given to them in drug rehab centers Orlando Florida.

Orlando Drug Rehab – Stimulants and Marijuana

Women can become faster addicts to stimulants like meth and cocaine. They also have more of a chance of relapse after recovery. What once started as a fun experiment in their early teenage years can quickly turn to something much more drastic by their twenties. Once they have developed dependency, it’s very hard to overcome.

Even though men are more avid users of marijuana, women become dependent quickly. The medical side effects of marijuana are also more severe in case of women. Women, who consume marijuana during pregnancy, not only put themselves at risk, but also endanger the lives of their babies.

With proper treatment at substance abuse treatment Orlando Florida, this dependence on drugs can be cured. Strong will power and determination to set your life straight is all you would need. If you or any of your loved ones suffers from substance dependency, get treatment as soon as possible.

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