Top Rehab Near Me – How to Choose The Best?

Orlando Vargas

If you or a loved one has made the decision to pursue alcohol or drug rehab, the next major decision is settling on the right rehab center for you. If rehab near me is your priority, the good news is that you have literally thousands of options across the country – and with a variety of treatment types and approaches, you’re bound to find a good fit for you or your loved one. To get you started, I’ve outlined some of the key things you need to consider when making your choice. 

Here they are:

  1. Define your goals
  2. Talk to some professionals
  3. Do your research
  4. Consider the following:
  • Inpatient vs. outpatient
  • Accreditation and credentials
  • Treatment approach
  • Availability of additional treatments
  • Rehab facility location
  • Cost
  • Length of program

Now let’s take a closer look at each of these steps and considerations. If you’ll follow these steps, you’re likely to find the treatment center that’s the best fit.

Define Your Goals

What exactly is it that you or your loved one wants to recover from? Alcohol? Specific drugs? Both? Behavioral addictions? Many rehab centers will focus on a particular specialty or type of recovery, so if you’re clear about your situation, you can more easily define the rehab center that will be right for you or your loved one. Once you’re clear on the addiction you’re treating, you also need to determine whether there are any additional conditions that you’d like to treat at the same time – for example, mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety often are treated in tandem with addiction. But if that’s what you need, you also need to find a rehab center that offers dual diagnosis and treatment.

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Talk To a Professional

Once you know what your goals are, a rehab treatment professional can help you start to match programs with your goals. There are so many drug rehab options that knowing where to start can be really helpful and make the process so much easier and less stressful. A treatment professional will be familiar with aspects of drug or alcohol rehab that are unknown to you, and will be able to help guide you in the right direction. For example, the team at Freedom House is always available to help you explore your options and find a rehab center that will meet your needs.

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Do Your Research

Once you have a list of rehab centers to start with, make sure you check them out thoroughly – whether you’ve developed your own list or accepted recommendations from a professional. Check out rehab center websites, call and interview a member of the staff about their approach, request additional materials from each center you’re interested in – and if possible, even go visit any rehab center you’re considering. You’ll generally know from a visit whether a particular center is somewhere you or a loved one will feel comfortable and taken care of while they recover. Any top-rated facility ultimately wants you to be successful, so they’ll have nothing to hide and will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Consider The Following

As you complete advance research, site visits, etc., keep in mind the following aspects of drug rehab centers and which ones will work best for you:

Inpatient vs. Outpatient

Typically you can access drug rehab services on either a residential (inpatient) or outpatient basis. Will you or your loved one want to live at the drug rehab center while receiving treatment, or would you prefer to make trips to the center during your treatment period? Since this should have been part of defining your goals, you can find the rehab centers that offer the specific type of treatment that works for you. A couple of points to keep in mind: inpatient treatment historically has shown a higher success rate, but it’s also more expensive and more disruptive than outpatient treatment is. 

Accreditation and Credentials

What you’re looking for is a drug rehab center that’s accredited by The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities or the Joint Commission. Both are nonprofit organizations that independently assess and approve accreditation for rehab facilities based on a stringent review. And it should go without saying that you also want to verify that your facility has achieved all appropriate state licenses. In addition, carefully examine the credentials of the staff – are they fully qualified to run a treatment program? Credentials of value that you want to see include LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor), CCDP (Certified Co-occurring Disorders Counselor), LADC (Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor) or CAC (Certified Addictions Counselor).

Treatment Approach

The best results are likely to come from a drug rehab center that employs research- and evidence-driven approaches. As drug rehab centers describe their treatment philosophies, look for terms like Twelve-Step Facilitation, Medication-assisted Therapies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and other treatment models that have their roots in documented research that shows positive results.

Availability of Additional Treatments

Many people fighting addiction also suffer from co-occurring mental health challenges, such as depression or anxiety. These conditions can also receive treatment at some centers. In addition, it’s important to note that addiction takes a toll on more than just the addict – it can be extremely difficult for families to navigate the treatment and recovery process as well. If that’s something that’s important to you, look for facilities that also offer family support groups or therapy.

Rehab Facility Location

“What are the best rehab centers near me,” is often a key concern. But don’t let location be your only decision point. While a rehab center near you certainly is convenient, it’s important to consider which program and approach is most likely to be successful in your situation.

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While cost should not be the only driving factor of your drug rehab center decision, it’s certainly not unimportant. Before committing to a facility, you need to make sure you fully understand the comprehensive costs of treatment and how much of those costs – if any – can be covered through your medical insurance. 

Length of Program

Typically the length of a drug rehab program is defined by the success you make, not necessarily working toward a particular time limit. But you can check on what average treatment times are for a particular facility, along with whether the drug rehab center offers a flexible or tiered option that lets you shorten or extend your stay based on your treatment progress. 


Choosing a drug rehab center is a major decision, and one that can set an addict firmly on the road to a successful recovery. With the thousands of drug rehab centers open and available across the country, you’re sure to find the one that fits you or your loved one if you’ll use these few simple tips. And remember that the highly qualified staff at House of Freedom is always here to help – give us a call today.

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