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Sadly, drug addiction is growing at an alarming rate and what further worsens the situation is the fact that addicts often fail to realize their dependency. Sometimes, addicts live in a constant state of denial, refusing that they are suffering from any such problems, and refusing to get substance abuse treatment services in a drug rehabilitation center in Orlando Florida.

It is true that there are individuals that can keep on using prescription drugs for extended time periods without ever suffering from any side-effects. However, there are those who do succumb to dependencies and are often completely oblivious that they have crossed that thin line that demarcates ‘drug use’ from ‘drug abuse’.

For all such individuals, it is imperative to have the addiction diagnosed at once to keep any health issues at bay. This is where signs and symptoms of drug addiction come into the picture. The following is endeavored at educating readers to be on a constant lookout for signs of drug dependency so that any grave complications can be avoided at an initial level.

Drugs Most Susceptible To Abuse

Before listing the signs and symptoms, it is important to find the classes of drugs that people are most likely to develop a dependency for. These include the following:

  • Stimulants: They are often prescribed to those suffering from hyperactivity disorders or short attention spans.
  • Opiates: They are prescribed to treat chronic or severe bouts of pain.
  • Tranquilizers: They are prescribed to individuals with complains such as insomnia or anxiety.

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Drug-seeking behavior is the most prominent sign that an individual is suffering from drug abuse addiction. Regardless of the side-effects that these medications have, an individual shows helplessness to resist it. Behaviors that should set off sirens are as follows:

  • Constantly requesting physicians for refills.
  • Lying about losing a prescription and frequently asking for replacements.
  • Breaking or crushing pills.
  • Borrowing or stealing medications from family, friends and colleagues.
  • Taking a higher dosage of medication than prescribed.
  • Visiting a variety of health providers for similar health issues.
  • Changing answers frequently when inquired about medication usage.
  • Forging or stealing prescriptions.
  • Consuming a medication for a health condition for which the doctor has recommended some other medication.
  • Placing orders for prescription drugs online.

In addition, changes can be observed in an addict’s behavior patterns as well. These unexplained behavioral changes are easy to detect. They should not be ignored at any cost as they indicate a subtly increasing drug abuse addiction.

  • Frequent and instant mood swings depending on the absence or availability of drugs.
  • Changes in the sleeping pattern.
  • Showing irritation or annoyance, especially in the absence of prescription drugs.
  • Consuming alcohol more frequently.

All the above mentioned symptoms, when experienced, should be reported to a doctor. He might be able to help in case the addiction is not intense. Otherwise, it is inevitable to seek assistance from a drug rehab treatment center. These drug rehab treatment centers have the desired experience of handling such problems and can ensure you a life free from all sorts of addictions or dependencies.

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