Stage a Successful Intervention at Drug Rehab Center Florida

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It is very difficult for us at Drug Rehab Center Florida to tell a family member that the person you once knew and loved is gone. The drugs have devoured their personality and looks. It’s depressing for you to see them high on drugs. You have tried talking to them, but with no success. You need a different approach; you need to stage an intervention.

Defining Intervention

What is intervention and how can it help? You stage an intervention to confront the person struggling with drug addiction. You gather everyone who’s close to that person and tell them that they cannot waste their life away like this and they need to confront and fight off their inner demons. The intervention involves:

  1. You make them aware of what kind of person they have become and how it hurts you and your family to see them like this.
  2. Prior to the intervention, you can consult a drug rehab facility like a drug rehab center in Florida to provide you with a treatment plan.
  3. Then each person in the group will tell them what they will do if they don’t choose to go to a rehabilitation facility.

Whom is the intervention for?

If you know a person who is battling with addictive behaviors like alcoholism, prescription drug abuse, eating disorders, and street drug abuse, then you should stage an intervention. Getting help at the right time might just save their life.

Planning an Intervention

These 7 steps will help you plan a successful intervention for your loved one.

  1. Planning– An intervention is proposed by someone close to the person abusing drugs, but it is recommended to consult a professional interventionist when planning an intervention.
  2. Collecting Information– It is important that you seek information on a rehabilitation center like a drug rehab center in Florida so you can register them for treatment.
  3. Intervention Team– An intervention team includes family members, colleagues, friends, and someone from a rehab facility. Remember to keep this plan a secret.
  4. Deciding on What to Say- In case they refuse to enter in the rehab program, you can outline all the consequences they would face like telling them to move out or taking away their kids.
  5. Write it Down– Tell them that you care about them, but their addiction has taken a toll on their behavior and that it is affecting everyone close to them.
  6. The Actual Meeting– Tell your loved one to meet you at a certain location, but don’t disclose the reason. You provide them with a treatment option and convince them to accept it.
  7. The Follow-Up– It is important for you to support them so they won’t waver away from the treatment and don’t relapse. You can help them by joining them in counseling sessions and talking to a therapist to give you information about relapse.

Consult a Professional

It is recommended that you consult and include a professional interventionist when conducting an intervention. Especially if your loved one has a history of violence, suicidal tendencies, mental illness, and is in denial of their drug abuse.

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