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With more than 20 years of drug and alcohol rehabilitation center services we have learned that drug addiction can occur instantly. Most drugs have such properties that make you crave more after every intake. This is why most young people get hooked onto drugs from the very beginning. According to experts at a drug rehabilitation center in Orlando Florida, regular drug use can be detrimental to your health and can have negative consequences for your future. These problems are health related as well as psychological. We all know the effects of these drugs and how they are made but what we don’t know is how they actually cause addiction. Let’s take an in depth look into the use and causes of drug addiction.

Drug Addiction Phase 1 – Starts as an Experiment

Experts at a drug rehabilitation center in Orlando Florida claim that a lot of youths are curious to know what all the fuss is about. So they start experimenting at an early age to find out. This is where they fall into a trap and become prey to drug abuse. Smoking a joint on the weekend quickly turns into a daily activity and soon you lose all control over your senses.

Drug Addiction Phase 2 – Stress and Anxiety

A substance abuse treatment center in Orlando Florida reports that most youngsters take drugs to ward off stress and anxiety. What they don’t realize is that they are getting themselves into a much bigger mess. Stress is a common problem for college students and to counter it they indulge in drug use. It may seem like these drugs are fulfilling a void for the moment but in the long run it can negatively affect your health.

Drug Addiction Phase 3 – Effect on the Brain

Each drug has a very different impact on your brain. Some are more intense than others but one thing remains the same and that is the negative impact they deliver. Doctors at a substance abuse treatment center in Orlando Florida believe that regular use of these drugs can alter the way your brain works. These drugs interfere with the functions of the brain and can even block passages making it difficult for you to think and understand things. Recreational drugs increase the level of dopamine in your brain thus giving you the feeling of pleasure. This feeling overshadows pain and other negativities. Your brain records these feelings and is influenced by them. Every time you consume a drug your brain will send out a signal craving for more.

Drug Addiction Phase 4 – Impact on Abilities

Drugs can negatively affect your ability to do everyday work. Since the cognitive thinking function is blocked you can no longer make decisions. Your judgment will be affected. You may have trouble with depth perception and may also indulge in excessive eating and drinking.

Drug Addiction Phase 5 – Dependency

The more you consume drugs the more you become dependent on them. You are likely to experience increased cravings for drugs and if you try to avoid them then you are likely to suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Addicts lose control over their abilities and can’t help but consume these drugs excessively on a regular basis.


Substance abuse treatment centers regularly receive young patients who are addicted to drugs. Most of these youths start off by taking it as a recreational drug without realizing its negative consequences. Soon this joy turns to misery and they end up in rehab centers.

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