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Drug abuse and addiction treatment center services have been a part of our society for a very long time. For centuries drugs have been used for recreational purposes across the globe. It seems that the trafficking of drugs will continue regardless of any counteractive measures that have been put in place. But why do we keep on consuming these drugs? Everyone knows that they don’t do us any good, but why are we failing to control our desires. Previously no one knew the answers to these questions, but now due to the advancements in technology we have finally found answers. The recent scientific discoveries help us get an in-depth idea of why drugs are so addictive and why we consume them. Let’s learn more about the science of drug abuse from the substance abuse treatment center in Orlando Florida.

Orlando Rehab Center Point 1 – What is Addiction?

Drug addiction is a brain relapse that forces you to seek drugs. During this process, your brain loses its ability to process information. The ability to make informed decisions is lost which is why despite the harm they cause, drugs are still consumed. Initially the decision to take drugs is voluntary but once your brain gets used to it you begin to lose control and all your choices are made based on impulse rather than concrete reasoning. So basically once you are addicted to drugs you can’t just quit by choice. You must seek help at facilities such as a Orlando drug rehab center in Florida.

Orlando Rehab Center Point 2 – Why are Drugs Taken?

A drug can have certain positive effects on the mind and body which is short lived but powerful enough to keep you coming back for more. Firstly, most of these recreational drugs create a feel good factor and give feelings of pleasure. According to experts at drug rehab centers in Orlando Florida these drugs are also capable of boosting energy and providing relaxation to an individual giving them a ‘High’. Some people take drugs to relieve tension and social pressure. Lastly, some people are just curious about drugs and start by experimenting with them. Over time this occasional use can turn into a serious dependence on the drug.

Orlando Rehab Center Point 3 – Genetics

Doctors at an Orlando substance abuse treatment centers in Florida believe that genetics also play a role when it comes to drug addiction and abuse. Some people have a family history so it is in their genes. Furthermore, the environment also plays a role as exposure to drugs on a regular basis may force an individual to indulge in drug use.

Orlando Rehab Center Point 4 – Who is at a Higher Risk of Addiction?

Those who start consuming drugs at an early age are more likely to fall prey to addiction. At a young age the ability to impose self control is a lot less and once the drug has affected the system it is very difficult to get it out. Secondly, those people who administer these drugs in an extreme manner are also likely to become addicted. According to drug rehab centers in Orlando Florida, smoked and injected drugs have a higher potential of causing addiction than other methods.

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