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House of Freedom is a substance abuse treatment in Florida that is CARF Accredited and has been providing the community with addiction treatment services for more than 30 years.  Many of your patients suffer from Methamphetamine addiction.  Meth, short for crystal methamphetamine, is a form of drug known as methamphetamine. Known by many names such as speed, crank and chalk, this drug is commonly used as a “club drug,” taken while partying in night clubs or at rave parties.

Substance Abuse Treatment Florida – What is Meth?

Methamphetamine is a white crystalline drug that is injected into the system by snorting, smoking, or injecting it with a needle. It is can be also taken. Most of the users are known to develop a strong desire to continue using it because the drug creates a false sense euphoria — a rush known to elate feelings of confidence, hyper activeness, and energy. Unlike cocaine, this drug has a lasting effect of six to eight hours that can go up to twenty-four hours.

What makes it a dangerous and potent chemical is its concentrated effect. Many users report getting hooked from the first time they use it. A highly addictive drug, meth burns up the body’s resources, which creates a devastating dependency that can be relieved by taking more of the drug.

The drug initially acts as a stimulant and then begins to destroy the body systematically. Thus, it is associated with serious health conditions, including memory loss, aggression, psychotic behavior and potential heart and brain damage.

Substance Abuse Treatment Florida  – How Meth It Is Made

Methamphetamine is a synthetic chemical. It is commonly manufactured in illegal, hidden laboratories, where various forms of stimulant drugs or derivatives are mixed with other chemicals to boost the drugs potency.

Meth production also produces a lot of toxic waste. The production of one pound of methamphetamine produces five pounds of waste that can lead to death or poisoning to people who are exposed to it.

Substance Abuse Treatment Florida – Meth Addiction: Facts and Figures

  • In the United States, the percentage of drug treatment admissions due to methamphetamine and amphetamine abuse tripled from 3% in 1996 to 9% in 2006.
  • In 2007, 4.5% of American high-school seniors and 4.1% of tenth grade students reported using methamphetamine at least once in their life.
  • The United States government reported in 2008 that approximately 13 million people over the age of 12 have used methamphetamine—and 529,000 of those are regular users.

Substance Abuse Treatment Florida  – The Meth Harm

The Meth drug creates a false sense of well-being and energy that makes a person push his body faster and further than it is meant to go. Thus, users experience a severe “crash” or breakdown after the effects of the drugs starts to wear off.

Continued usage of the drug can cause loss of appetite, disturbed sleep patterns, hyperactivity, nausea, delusions of power, increased aggressiveness and irritability. Some other neurotic effects include insomnia, confusion, hallucinations, anxiety and paranoia.

Long term usage can also lead to irreversible harm which leads to increased heart rate and blood pressure that damages blood vessels in the brain that can cause strokes and irregular heartbeat.

Substance Abuse Treatment Florida  – How to End Meth Addiction?

If an individual is having troubles with crystal meth, then there are solutions that can assist him in recovering from his addiction. There are variety of programs and services for users with chemical dependency issues. Such programs are available at various substance abuse treatment Florida that have gained expertise in helping addicts make a lasting physical, mental and spiritual recovery from the disease of addiction.

House of Freedom is CARF Accredited, Christian drug rehab center in Orlando Florida, which unlike traditional addiction treatment centers, we deliver substance abuse treatment center services that deal with the physical, mental, social, and spiritual component of drug and alcohol addiction treatment.  Our alcohol and drug rehabilitation center has both inpatient drug rehab services and outpatient drug treatment in Orlando Florida.

If you or a loved one are in need of drug or alcohol addiction rehab treatment center in Orlando Florida, GET HELP NOW!!  Contact us at 1-888-796-8040.

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