Substance Abuse Treatment Florida Military Personnel

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Becoming a part of the military may bring many honors, but also brings a few problems along the way. The need to use substance abuse treatment services is one of them. Studies show that after the veterans are deployed form their services, they turn to alcohol, antidepressants and other illegal drug use to overcome their traumatic experiences. This can quickly turn to dependency if not checked in time. Likewise suicide rate is 3 times higher among military veterans.

Many veterans start drinking or taking drugs when they are on active duty. The general ideology is that you can drink as hard as you like as long as it does not become a problem. Substance abuse treatment Florida are considered a joke, and personnel are expected to deal with their problems on their own. That is why most don’t ever see a rehab center and their issues only increase with time.

Most of the military personnel that become addicted to drugs do so to get rid of pain; be it physical or emotional. They could become prescription abusers after losing a limb or keep using antidepressants over long periods of time so much so that they become dependent on their drugs. Some start consuming alcohol or narcotics to deal with the pain of war or to forget the conditions of places they were sent off to.

Drug Rehab Center Florida – How to Handle the Problem

If your loved one is a military personnel that has become a substance abuser here is how you can deal with the situation:

Drug Rehab Center Florida – Talk to Them Openly

Be kind but firm when you talk to them. Don’t get aggressive or self righteous. They are the ones going through the emotional/physical pain and they need all your support and care. Talk to them about how long the problem has been going on and assure them of your never ending love. Aggression or expressions of disappointment will only push them further away from you.

Drug Rehab Center Florida – Get Them in Rehabilitation

Inpatient drug treatment centers Orlando Florida are best for such issues. They have detailed programs that are meant to help veterans come to terms with all of their military life issues. Proper medication, individual/group counseling and family sessions are all planned in such a way that would target the military veteran needs. Be sure to check the place out before you get your loved one enrolled in any rehab center.

Also make sure you visit them regularly and attend all family sessions too. Give them time to start expressing their inner most feeling and thoughts.

Drug Rehab Center Florida – Aftercare

After your dear one is released from the substance abuse treatment Florida, be sure to follow up the aftercare sessions. This would ensure that they don’t fall back into relapse and depression.

Don’t forget, they still need your help even if they seem as if they have fully recovered. It takes time for any treatment to work and you have to give them that. Don’t expect immediate recovery. They have wounds that would take years to heal. Your unwavering love and support is the only thing that can help them get through such tough times.

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