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Been taking that drug for a long time? Forgotten about how it felt without relying on those small capsules? Does the thought of stopping their intake frighten you? If you have been nodding your head to all these questions, then you need to seriously start thinking about addiction treatment services.

If you have been consuming prescription drugs long after the expiration of your prescription, then you have been involved in substance abuse. But don’t let this scare you into immobility. You have not become a lost cause yet. You can still regain control of your life. There are many substance abuse treatment Florida that can help you sort your problems. First you need to determine whether or not you even are dependent on drugs. Here are the things that can tell you so.

Orlando Drug Rehab – Signs and Symptoms of Dependency

If you experience the following symptoms then you need to seek help:

  • Tolerance of the drug: If you have developed tolerance and need to consume increasing amounts to seek similar effects.
  • Withdrawal symptoms: When you stop the intake you experience withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, sweating, shaking, nausea and more.
  • You keep thinking about the next time you would be able to take the drug. Your entire life style starts revolving around the intake of the prescription drug.
  • Not being able to stop: Even though you try, you’re not able to stop consuming the drug.
  • Affecting your life: The intake of the drug affects your personal, social and work life.
  • Continuation of drug use: When you continue taking the drug even though you know that it’s affecting your physical and mental health.
  • Deterioration of health: You lose weight and have other health issues like blood shot eyes, headaches and other physical pains.

Orlando Drug Rehab – What To Do?

Addiction to prescription drugs is worrisome but it is not the end of your life yet. There are many ways you can help yourself. Since you have already taken the first step of accepting the fact that you have been abusing drugs, you can now work on a plan of action to get rid of this dependency.

Talk to your loved ones. Go to the one you are closest to and someone who will support you unconditionally. If nothing else they will at least be able to help you make some sort of decision. They can also advise you about who you need to see in such a problem.

Get yourself into a substance abuse treatment Florida immediately. These centers are specifically designed to get you the help you need. You can opt for either outpatient drug treatment Orlando Florida or inpatient drug treatment center Orlando Florida. Both work and you can decide depending what your situation is.

After you are done with the treatment program, don’t forget to continue with the follow up sessions as they help you in the day to day living. Join some anonymous group and keep in touch with your loved ones. Avoid people and places that remind you of your substance abuse.

Remember a substance abuse treatment center Orlando Florida can’t work until and unless you are willing to follow whatever you learnt there in your practical life.

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