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Sleeping pills might seem like an easy solution to your sleep issues, but in reality they can cause a lot of problems, and may cause you to use drug treatment services. Continuous use of sleeping pills comes under substance abuse. They are meant to be taken for a short time period only and their excessive consumption leads to dependency. Substance abuse treatment Florida educate their patients about such addictions. If you have been relying on sleeping aids for a long time so as to be able to have 5-6 hours of sleep every night, then check out the short test below, to judge if you have become dependent.

Are you Abusing Sleeping Pills?

There are times when doctors prescribe sleeping pills to be used for a short time. But if you keep using them after the prescription has expired, then that becomes an issue. Answer the following questions to determine whether or not you have been using sleeping pills more often then you should:

  • Have you been unable to sleep nights without the pills? More than one night?
  • Have you developed tolerance? By tolerance it means that you need to keep increasing the amount of drugs to experience similar effects.
  • Rebound insomnia is another problem that people face when they are addicted to sleeping pills.
  • Have you been getting regular headaches? Feel tired and restless even after sleeping for 6-7 hours? Do your eyes remain red and painful? Feelings of nausea, anxiety and difficulty breathing are also common.
  • Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to stay off the pills?
  • Have you been experiencing mood swings? Increased aggressiveness and irritation can also be the result of addiction. You may feel alienated, lonely and even have suicidal thoughts.

I’m Addicted! Now What?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have developed addiction to sleeping pills. You would need to consult a specialist to accurately diagnose the problem. Go see one as soon as is possible for you. Delaying won’t make the issue go away. The sooner it is confirmed, the sooner you can start getting it treated. You could get yourself into a substance abuse treatment Florida.

Drug rehab treatment centers Florida are meant to help people having all kinds of drug dependencies. They first get you clean meaning completely off the drugs then treat you with medicines and therapy to get you over the drug problem. The individual and group therapy sessions allow you to discuss all the problems that made you start taking the drugs in the first place. They also teach you tricks to stay off the pills.

In group session you can meet a lot of people with similar problems. This encourages patients into putting more efforts recovering. Your health insurance is likely to cover the costs of rehab centers but if for some reason it doesn’t then you can opt for outpatient drug treatment Orlando FL that does not require you to stay at the center.So if you have developed sleeping pill addiction, get it treated as soon as possible. You should not take it lightly or let it transgress to a level where there is no coming back.

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