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Professionals at Drug Rehab Center Florida know that Interventions are difficult to pursue and parents often tend to ignore them. Even though an intervention is tough and tends to get awkward and uncomfortable, it is important to conduct it.

Drug rehab centers in Florida stress over the need for interventions as if done earlier they can save teens from needing rehabilitation and if done later, can get them the much needed help to make their life better.

Interventions can either be formal or informal. Formal ones involve a group intervention in which family members and close friends gather and talk about the teen’s addiction and how it is harmful for his/her life. Most people are better acquainted with this sort of intervention; however, drug rehab centers in Florida state that informal interventions involving the parent and the teen can often be a more appropriate response.

Even informal interventions are not easy, so here are 7 tips to help you through:

Drug Intervention Tip #1 – Stop Taking any Drug/Alcohol Yourself First

In order to handle an intervention effectively, it is important to do it right. Parents need to calm their own nerves first. You can never convince your teen to stop using something that you are prone to using and any attempt of doing so will be utter hypocrisy. Parents need to work on themselves first if they do drugs or drink alcohol in order to be in a position to intervene.

Drug Intervention Tip #2 – Do your Homework

It is always helpful to go well-prepared. Do your research on the substance your teen uses and its effects. Gather evidence or points that support the fact that your teen has been abusing the substance. All this would help support to counter any arguments being put up and put forward your point strongly.

If there are any points you are unable to counter right away, tell your teen that you will look it up and get back.

Drug Intervention Tip #3 – Bring it Up as a Discussion

Teens in particular do not like being lectured, it is better to bring it up as a discussion. Ask questions and listen to answers. Create a comfortable environment for your teen to open up and talk about the issue.

Drug Intervention Tip #4 – Have a Goal

It is important to derive a goal to achieve. This helps give direction to the intervention towards a certain end and make the process easier to go about.

Drug Intervention Tip #5 – Practice!

Practicing always makes the final task easier. Pick someone you can trust and rehearse the intervention with. It makes you say things clearly during the intervention and avoid common errors that could let things go wrong.

Drug Intervention Tip #6 – Keep the Right Attitude

For making the intervention work out, it is important to keep the right attitude. This involves staying calm, not being judgmental, being honest and keeping your teen the prime focus of the conversation.

Drug Intervention Tip #7 – Give Full Attention

Lastly, it is important that you make your teen feel important, cared for and respected. Distractions like the computer, cell phone and television should be completely avoided during the intervention.

Keeping the above mentioned points in mind, drug rehab centers in Orlando suggest that a feasible time should be chosen for the intervention. The morning is the best time, but any other time when the teen has free time and is clean can be utilized for this purpose.

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