The 4 Most Commonly Used and Life-Threatening Drugs

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A difference in name or chemical composition does not reduce the negative effects that drugs and alcohol have over one’s physical and mental health. Irrespective of their composition and method of consumption, all drugs are harmful. Drug rehabs in Florida and drug rehabs in Orlando treat addicts abusing different types of drugs. Let’s have a brief overview of the 4 most commonly used drugs below.

1. Marijuana

A specific plant called cannabis sativa is used in making marijuana. It is the dried and minced mixture of the plant’s leaves, seeds, and stems. Marijuana can be found in three different colors, i.e. brown, green, and gray. It is commonly known as pot, reefer, ganja, skunk, weed, etc.

Marijuana contains as much as 400 chemicals and all of them are severely harmful to health. However, the most dangerous chemical is THC that directly affects the brain. According to estimates, THC content in marijuana is roughly around 10%.

Marijuana is consumed in a number of ways. It is smoked in cigar or pipe, mixed with food, and taken with beverages as well. The drug is common among high school students. It alters cognitive processes, increases heart rate, and pulls the users to risky behaviors.


Though the actual name based on the chemical formula of the drug is MDMA, it is commonly known as Ecstasy, Molly, or simply as club drug. MDMA is most common in clubs and parties. The effect of the drug is similar to those of others, i.e. providing temporary and rather extreme sense of pleasure and content.

Unlike Marijuana and tobacco that are obtained from plants, MDMA is a completely man-made drug. Therefore, there’s no specific formula for the drug. Instead, it depends on the manufacturer as to what chemicals they add while making the tablets.

MDMA drugs are mostly called by their slang names including XTC, hug, love drug, beans, etc. The drug is in the form of capsules or pills, with cartoon images over them. Overdosing is common whereby people consume more than one pill at a time and lose their senses to a great extent.

3. Spice

Spice is also manufactured from herbs labeled as natural but not for human consumption. Spice is a mixture of both natural herbs and man-made chemicals that alter brain functioning. Previously, spice was easily available at drug stores, gas stations, and even via online purchase.

When it comes to drugs common among school students, spice is second only to marijuana. It is primarily because of the misleading labels that compel teenagers to opt for the drug. It is neither natural nor beneficial for health.

4. Bath Salts

It is one of the newly introduced drugs and is manufactured from a plant called khat while using man-made chemicals in the basic composition. Serious health implications have been reported as a result of drug abuse, including paranoia, hallucinations, and anxiety.

The drug affects the brain and causes the abuser to be excessively happy and sociable. Risky behaviors are also observed among users. The drug is also known as Scarface, Bloom, Lunar Wave, Cloud Nine, White Lightening, etc.

Addicts of any of these drugs eventually require substance abuse treatment at rehabs and hospitals.

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