The Benefits of an Inpatient Drug Rehab Center in Florida

Orlando Vargas

Are you a victim of drug abuse? Well, there are many ways to treat yourself and overcome your problem. You can avail the cold turkey option or an outpatient treatment program. However, better and more effective than these is an inpatient drug rehab center in Florida that has a higher success rate.

‘Cold turkey’ means to try and stop using the drugs immediately or by decreasing the frequencies and then gradually putting a stop to it. This is one of the most difficult and least effective methods to deal with abuse because there is no medical supervision of any sort. Highly motivated and determined people may be able to succeed via this technique but chances are still low. An outpatient program does involve medical supervision but that is for just few hours a week. An inpatient drug rehab center in Florida requires a patient to stay at the facility 24/7 until the treatment is over. The patient is continuously monitored and the chances of recover are higher.

Here is a detailed look at the reasons that make an inpatient drug rehab more beneficial than other options.


The treatment structure of an inpatient drug rehab center in Florida is different from an outpatient facility. The patient is not given a lot of free time and is continuously engaged in one activity or another. As such, the patient does not have much time to think about his abuse or come up with ways that can provide him with drugs. This reduces the chances of a relapse.

Continuous Medical Support

A patient at an inpatient drug rehab is continuously monitored and provided with support 24/7. This also reduces the possibility of a relapse and increases the chances of a successful recovery.

No Access to Drugs

In an outpatient program, the patient returns home once the session is over, and can easily acquire any drug that he wants to. However, at an inpatient facility, a patient stays 24/7 at the centre until the treatment is over and he has recovered. Outings are made only after an approval is given and are continuously monitored. As such, there is no way that a patient can gain access to drugs or to any other substance of his choice.

Lack of Negative Influences

An inpatient drug rehab does not allow a patient to come under negative influences of any sort. There is a restriction on the number and minutes of a phone call and all visits from an outside person are closely monitored. This prevents a patient from accessing substances or becoming influenced by someone who is already a drug addict.

Complete Focus

An inpatient drug rehab does not only focus on the drug abuse problem but also helps the patient overcome other problems that he faces. The program tries to eliminate the causes that lead to drug abuse, and so the results are more effective.

Therapy Options

An inpatient treatment program is very comprehensive and involves a lot of phases. Counseling is more frequent and yoga, meditation, exercise and massage session are also held regularly. This improves not only the mental but physical health of the patient as well.

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