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House of Freedom is a Christian drug rehab center in Orlando Florida that although is similar in essence to any other drug rehabilitation center in Orlando Florida, but it differs in one aspect – they cure addicts from a spiritual perspective as well as a clinical perspective. As compared to other drug rehab centers services, a Christian drug rehab center has higher success rates because they heal through psychological, spiritual and physical means. Suitable for those who follow the Christian faith, and for non believers as well, these rehabs inculcate a belief that God has laid out a path for them to become active members of their Christian community and regular church goers.

People come to fix their broken spirit through special drug recovery programs so that they can lead new and better lives. These Christian drug rehab programs have a spiritual emphasis so that addicts heal in a peaceful environment without being pressurized by any external forces.

Focuses On The Mind, Body And Spirit

To recover from addiction, it is essential that treatment be not only provided for physical addiction but also for emotional addiction and the spiritual addiction. In a Christian drug rehab center, part of treatment is linked to the teachings of the Bible. The body is healed through medications while the mind and spirit are healed through teachings of the Bible.

Empathize On Christian Principles

At a Christian drug rehab center, the basic teachings of Christianity are used on the road to recovery from addiction. These principles revolve around powerlessness, honesty, service and humility. Addicts have to make an effort to be a better person and search for a spark within their soul. They continuously seek support and strength through prayer and contemplation. A Christian drug rehab center encourages the patient to have a strong relationship with their family, as well as within their extended family in the Christian community.

Inculcating Fellowship

The Christian intervention process aids the addict in realizing his/her responsibility towards others. The process starts with one-to-one counseling with concerned family members and friends to remove the isolation the addict has fallen in to. Later on there are also activities organized with other Christians who are also on a path to recovery. In this way, a support network is created which helps the addict recover during and stay away from after the treatment.

Enrolling A Drug Addict To A Christian Drug Rehab Center

Before you can get your dear one enrolled in a Christian drug treatment program, you have to consider the following:

  • Research thoroughly on the faith and the organization.
  • Check to see whether the rehab facility meets all legal standards as well as medical standards.
  • A friendly staff would help the patient heal better so make sure that counselors clearly understand the sensitivity of the issue.
  • Drop in to see how other patients are doing and contact ex-patients to see results with your own eyes.
  • Note the cost of the treatment and opt for the one that gives you the best value of your money.

Heal spiritually and physically from a Christian Drug Rehab Center!

House of Freedom is a faith based and clinical Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Orlando Florida that has been rescuing individuals from addiction for more than 20 years. They are a CARF accredited clinical rehabilitation facility, which means that they meet the highest standards in substance abuse treatment. Contact us at 1-888-796-8040. GET HELP NOW BEFORE IT TOO LATE!! God bless.

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