Treatment for Teen Drug Abuse at a Florida Drug Rehab Center

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It can be a devastating feeling knowing your teen is addicted to drugs. Teenagers and college students are most likely to abuse drugs and get addicted. Drug rehab centers in Florida have an increasing number of teens admitted to the facility each year. As bad as it may sound, most parents never come to know that their teen abuses drugs until, well, they become addicts. Drug rehab centers in Florida can help your teen lead a normal life again by incorporating a treatment program specific to their needs.

Recognize The Problem and It’s Causes

The first step to helping your teen recover is discovering the problem. According to drug rehab Orlando, addiction in teens usually causes the following changes:

  • Failing grades
  • New friends and social circles
  • Wild mood swings and behavioral changes
  • Sleeplessness, slurred speech
  • Loss of appetite or change in eating patterns
  • Drastic physical changes
  • Difficulty in thought expression

As a parent, your job is to evaluate whether your teen has been going through these symptoms of drug use. Drug rehab center in Florida can help you by taking an initial test and interview to know the severity and the nature of your teen’s addiction.

Since your teen is still young, he/she may not know the potential consequences of drug abuse. Factors that lead to drug abuse can be:

  • History of family drug abuse or lack of attention by parents. Your previous experiences with drugs may cause your teen to go down that line.
  • Mental or psychological disorders, like depression, anxiety, stress and so on.
  • Traumatizing past. Can be an accident, becoming a victim of sexual harassment or public humiliation.
  • Low self-esteem and social rejection.
  • Poor grades
  • Having friends who abuse substances
  • The thought that drug use is normal, everyone does it

Treatment for Abuse

Once you find out that your teen is drug addicted, talk to them about it. Find a suitable drug rehab in Orlando that specializes in teen addiction. Treatment usually comprises of:

Detoxification – Involves cleaning the body from various substances and toxins. Drug of choice is replaced with medications to control cravings.

Therapy – Involves meetings with counselors and medical staff. Helps in knowing the causes of drug abuse, situations where your teen is likely to use drugs and how to counter them.

Withdrawal – Withdrawal symptoms occur throughout the treatment process. Medications, counseling and family therapy sessions are taken to mentally remove the need to take drugs and suppress these symptoms.

Relapse – Aftercare programs are designed by the drug rehab center in Florida to meet with your teen’s needs. Support them to follow up with the program to ensure they prevent relapse and remain drug-free.

Become a Source of Inspiration

If you had drug related problems in the past, share them with your teen and how you countered it. Supporting your teen while they undergo a treatment program at drug rehab center in Florida will give them motivation to successfully beat the addiction and live a drug-free life.

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