Types of Drug Therapy in Drug Rehab Center Florida

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A rehabilitation program is the best and the most effective treatment for anyone suffering from drug abuse. As long as your chosen drug rehab center Florida is a quality one, you will easily be able to recover in a short time. During any treatment plan, therapy is a very important part. Depending on your addiction level and the type of drug that you use, you have to attend various therapy sessions as part of the treatment.

In any typical drug rehab center Florida, the following types of therapy sessions are often conducted.


The best known therapy that you can ever get is to have someone counsel and advice about what is right and what is not. In any drug rehab center Florida, each session is about an hour long and is conducted on a daily basis. At times, you may also have to attend several sessions in just a single day.

The counselor will first make you comfortable enough so that you can confide in him, and then will inquire about your feelings and experiences. He will listen you out, understand what you are going through, wand will accordingly guide you to deal with the abuse problem.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, abbreviated as CBT, is a therapy session that is aimed at modifying your thoughts and removing the negativity in your mind. Such a session is focused so that you do avoid thinking negative things and become more hopeful of life. Thus, CBT can help you in becoming optimistic and improves your mood.

As with counseling, you may have to discuss your past experiences in a CBT session. Doing so will help the therapist in forming a more effective treatment approach for you. Once again, a single session lasts around an hour, and is held twice or thrice a week, depending on the extent of your abuse.

Once you go through a number of CBT sessions, you will feel less depressed and your anxiety levels will decrease.


Though both counseling and CBT are focused on your past, a psychotherapy session is more detailed in the regard, and so lasts over an hour. Your past is analyzed and you are provided with more help to deal and overcome the issues that happened then. Consequently, you start focusing on the present, and things become better.

Psychotherapy can be further divided into a number of types, but the basic aim is the same.

Family Therapy

While you do have to make efforts to recover yourself, your family also has a part to play. The better they do this, the quicker you can recover. Any renowned drug rehab center Florida is aware of this, and accordingly conducts family therapy sessions as well. Your family is given advice about possible ways in which they can help you in coping with the situation and getting out of addiction.

Once your family gets involved, they insure you have stable environment at home and keep a track of your progress, both of which lead to quicker recovery. In the process, you also develop better relationships with them.

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