Types of Therapies at Drug Rehab Center Florida

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Rehabilitation centers for addiction recovery provide a number of programs and treatments for their clients to ensure their quick and proper recovery. Therapy is the most important part in any treatment plan. The type of therapy sessions differs from person to person and depends on the drug used and the addiction level. Skilled therapists figure out the drug’s influence on patient and then come up with suitable therapy approach. Most of the drug rehab centers in Florida offer sessions that are customized and tailored keeping the level of a particular addict in mind.

The article discusses some of the therapy sessions that are offered by almost all drug rehab centers in Florida.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The main aim of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is to help the patients in becoming optimistic. All the negative thought and hopelessness that has been aroused due to substance abuse can be removed by the CBT sessions. There are a total of 6 to 15 sessions with each session usually lasting for an hour.

The patients discuss their past experiences to the therapist and discuss the situations that led to drug consumption. The therapist will then formulate different strategies that will help the patient to overcome this adduction. He will try to identify the addiction level and suggest the appropriate ways that make the client hopeful of life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, abbreviated as CBT, is a therapy session that is aimed at modifying your thoughts and removing the negativity in your mind. Such a session is focused so that you do avoid thinking negative things and become more optimistic. Thus, CBT can help you in improving your mood, and you will not have to resort to drugs due to depression.

Once an addict goes through CBT sessions, he/she will get rid of panic attacks, depression, phobias, OCD (Obsessive Compulsion Disorder), and anxiety.

Withdrawal Therapy

For people who suffer from severe drug dependence, withdrawal therapy or detoxification aims to help the addict to put away with their drug usage. The quick withdrawal is although a daunting task, but that is where the therapy plays its part. The first includes the prescribed medicines for initial abstinence. Later, other treatments ensure that the patient remains steadfast and committed of not using them anymore.


Counseling sessions are best means of recovery for those who need expert advice to guide them to the right path. After inquiring about the condition and drug influence on the patients, the counselor guide the best way to deal with this abuse. The counselors devise ways and help in controlling your craving with their extensive knowledge and skill.

Almost every drug rehab center in Florida conducts counseling session on daily basis, where the experts dedicate a minimum of one hour to the patients’ recovery.


Psychotherapy is more of a talking therapy unlike counseling and CBT. It focuses on the problems that patients faced in their past, and how those issues are affecting them presently. Dealing with those issues helps you live a better present life. The psychotherapy sessions usually last for an hour and continues for a year or more.

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