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Many alcoholics that have been treated in House of Freedom, a drug rehab center Florida, try to quit their drinking habit ‘cold turkey’ but fail mainly due to low resolve against the alcohol they have to face. Alcohol withdrawal ranges from mild irritation to adverse reactions that can be life-threatening.

Alcohol withdrawal usually depends upon the intensity of addiction and the longevity of the addiction. As a general rule, the more intense the addiction is the more severe will be its withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, it is essential to have necessary support and assistance that will aid you in strengthening your resolve.

Many times, an alcoholic will decide to stop drinking after he is confronted or embarrassed due to his alcoholic compulsions. Therefore, he may resolve to “never drink again” and devote himself to the cause. However, due to withdrawal symptoms and intensified cravings, he will be unable to stay sincere to his resolve and give in to the cravings.

Drug Rehab Center Florida – Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms include physical symptoms such as migraines, muscle cramps and aches that tell the body to have a drink to ease off the pain.

If a mild alcoholic tries to quit, the withdrawal symptoms can include mild reaction such as shakes, excessive sweating, headache, increased anxiety, faster heart beat and blood pressure. These symptoms can be irritating and uncomfortable but combined with the cravings they can become unbearable which can make abstinence a difficult job for the abuser.

As the alcohol level begins to drop in the blood, the withdrawal symptoms increase in severity and can be life-threatening. Within six to forty eight hours of not drinking, an alcoholic may experience visual hallucinations that can last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks.

Within the time frame of quitting, the abuser may also experience seizures and convulsions which can prove to be life threatening if not medically treated. As time progresses, some of these symptoms may also progress to delirium tremens (DT). DT is apparent after three to five days of quitting alcohol and includes symptoms such as cardiovascular disturbances, delirium, hallucinations and hyper activity.

Drug Rehab Center Florida – Getting Treated

Initially, withdrawal symptoms might provoke you to not quit as they might be painful and unbearable. However, under proper medical supervision and attention, withdrawal symptoms can be alleviated. Many drug rehab centers in Florida provide comprehensive care when it comes to treating alcohol addiction and prevent any relapses. The detoxification process that is available at many of these drug rehab centers Florida are comprised of administration of medication and vitamins to counter the withdrawal symptoms.

If you have resolved to quit alcohol and are apprehensive of the pain that it might bring, then seek support. Do not try to quit immediately as it might be harmful and lead to severe consequences. Drug rehab centers in Florida provide a detoxification regime that is followed by support programs such as group therapy and sponsorship programs that can bolster you while you are struggling to get away from alcohol. To get more information, visit any drug rehab center Florida and start your journey towards healthier living.

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