Drug Rehab Orlando Treating Addiction with Group Therapy

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These days there are a large number of facilities and programs available to treat drug addictions in Orlando. Due to the availability of many treatment options at drug rehab centers in Orlando, one can get confused on which program to chose. Firstly it’s a big step for drug addicts to accept and admit that they require some sort of treatment. And then the large number of options available and lack of data on the success rates of particular treatments makes it more confusing for them to choose.

To make it simple for them, they should focus on a treatment that suits their lifestyle. For instance, if an addict goes to office or school, then they can’t go for an option of inpatient treatment.

Many addicts choose the option of outpatient therapy for addiction. In this type of therapy, they do not have to stay the night at the drug rehab centers in Orlando. It also gives them the feeling that they can recover from their addiction without changing their lifestyle and daily habits dramatically.

They can choose the kind of outpatient therapy they like. Drug rehab centers in Orlando offer individual and group therapies for addicts. Group therapies are generally the most successful as addicts can relate to each other, they share the same experiences and they all have the same aim to recover from addiction.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is one of the most successful treatments of drug addiction. It is the best way to encourage addicts to recover from their addiction, to keep them motivated and positive, and it also minimizes the feeling of isolation. Group therapy generally consists of 8 to 12 addicts who are guided by one or more experienced counselors. Group therapy has multiple benefits. Following are the few of them.

Feedback: Group therapies benefit addicts in the way that all members of the group are on the same footing. So when they get feedback from a similar person who is going through the same recovery condition, their feedback matters. It provides an addict different perspectives and he becomes self aware of how his behavior affects others.

Hope and Reinforcement: Group therapy has the advantage of reinforcing the addict to their commitment of positive recovery. It provides a lot of support and hope to beginners when they meet other addicts at different stages of treatment. When an addict contributes to recovery of the other, it also enhances their self-worth and empathy.

Building Relationships: In group therapies, addicts learn from each other. They go through common experiences which they share with each other and sympathize. In this way, they form a strong social bond. During treatment, they build relationships with each other which help them to rebuild relationships in their personal lives.

Confrontation and Courage: The group therapy helps addicts confront their fears and self-delusions. Hearing other addicts, who are on the same wavelength, helps a person to overcome his fear and be honest. Group therapy also develops a feeling of liability and responsibility to other addicts to give them courage for recovery.

Group therapies provided in drug rehab centers in Orlando are of three types. One is mix gender groups and other two are single sex groups either male or female. Drug rehab centers in Orlando offer addicts an experience of non-judgmental setting in which they can overcome their problems and the burden of drug addiction.

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