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Drug abuse is a serious problem in the country and millions of people suffer from it and deteriorate their heath. Every year, there are so many deaths because of alcohol and drugs just because people fail in realizing they have a problem and not availing a proper treatment plan. If you are a victim, please become part of a reputed drug rehab center in Florida, and seek medical attention as soon as you can.

Addiction is a chronic disease that can cause changes to the way in which your brain functions. You lose control over your desire and drug usage simply because you like it, and you continue being a victim even though you are aware of the risks you put yourself into. This sort of behavior does not mean that you are mentally weak of something. All it implies is that you need to treat yourself and participate in a drug rehab center in Florida.

Just like any other disease, there are risk factors for addiction as well. These include behavior, environmental issues and genetics. Here is a detailed look at all the risk factors.


There are a lot of researches that indicate you can become a victim of drug abuse if it is in your family. The disease is hereditary and so is a characteristic of your genes. If anyone in your family is addicted, you may also find yourself developing addiction.


Adolescents are associated with a higher risk of becoming addicted than adults. The teenage mind is young and often fails in comprehending that even casual use can turn into addiction. Generally, the younger you are when you first use drugs, the more likely are you going to face problems later on and the higher will be your addiction level.

Social Circle

Friends are always a great source of influence and motivation. Whether this is for good or for bad, depends on the social circle that you have. If any of your friends drink or use drugs, you are likely to follow suit, especially if you are a teenager. Even if you are an adult, you can still become addicted.


Drugs can make you feel better and energize you. As such, if you find yourself in a stressful situation, you may causally try drugs to relax yourself. Eventually, this can turn into an addiction if you fail in maintaining healthy stress levels and if addiction is in your family history.

Traumatic Incidents

Traumatic incidents can have a strong effect on your mind and may force you to use drugs just so that you feel better.

Mental Disorders

If you are depressed or often suffer from anxiety, you are more likely to develop an addiction.

The Type of Drug

The type of drug which you use can also decide if you are going to become addicted or not. If you inject them in your veins or smoke them, they affect you more powerfully and chances of addiction rise. Heroin is an example of such a drug.

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