Florida Drug Rehab Center – Prescription Drugs Become Deadly

Orlando Vargas

Our Florida drug rehab center research shows the following.  Normally, prescription drugs are used to relieve pain, but sometimes people abuse these drugs. The abuse begins when they take the drugs without prescription or increase the dosage of the prescribed drug. Pain relievers and sleeping pills are the two most commonly abused prescriptions drugs in USA.

Recognizing Prescription Drug Abuse

Dependence on prescription drugs varies from individual to individual because it takes time for someone to become addicted to prescription drugs. Therefore, no one knows how long it takes a person to develop dependency on pain medications. Just as a person takes complicated and illegal measures to buy drugs like cocaine and ecstasy, they do the same when it comes to obtaining prescription drugs.

A person dependent on pills may try to forge a doctor’s note, purchase it from a drug dealer, or steal the drugs from someone who has a prescription for taking the medicine. When a person can’t get their hands on the medicine or abruptly stops taking them, then they might exhibit these withdrawal symptoms:

  • Nervousness or Anxiety
  • Vomiting or Nausea
  • Trembling
  • Insomnia
  • Increase in dosage of Pain Meds
  • Forging Prescriptions
  • Rapid Mood Swings

If you know someone who has been experiencing withdrawal symptoms or if someone is addicted to prescription drugs then you should encourage them and help them find a drug rehab center in Florida.

Are Prescription Drugs Safer Than Illegal Drugs?

Medicine prescribed by the doctor, if taken in large doses, puts a person in danger of overdosing and killing themselves. Just because pain medications are legal, that does not make them safe or okay to become dependent on them. There are effective drug rehab centers in Florida that can help your loved one recover.

Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

Xanax– this pill is prescribed to people who suffer from anxiety, stress, sleeping disorders, and panic disorders. People addicted to this pain med usually crush it or take it orally. A user abuses this pill to increase their sociability around a large group of people. Withdrawal symptoms of this drug include panic attacks and seizures.

Adderall– This prescription med is prescribed to young adults who have trouble concentrating in school. They increase a person’s focus and motivation and are commonly abused by people going to school and college.

Percocet– Cancer patients and people with disabilities take this pill to relieve them of chronic pain. This medication when chewed put the user in a drug-like state of being high.

Starting Over

After a successful stint at a drug rehab center, your loved one has an opportunity to get a fresh start. At this point in their life, they need a strong support system. They can join a local support group and you can even go with your loved one to give them support. An addict’s close group of friends or relatives should keep an eye on them and make sure that they do not relapse.

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