Inpatient Drug Rehab for Christian Community Members

Orlando Vargas

We understand that for many families struggling with drug addiction, simple inpatient rehab simply isn’t enough. For some, in addition to a science and medically based program, it’s essential to incorporate elements of their faith, along with spiritual comfort.

There’s no question that an individual’s religious beliefs are a core element of who they are – affecting their feelings and their choices. And it’s not impossible to find a treatment center that appreciates this fact and weaves a spiritual element into its approach to treatment.

If this is a question you’re struggling with, there are a few simple benefits to inpatient Christian drug rehab you should know about.

inpatient drug rehab

Here they are:

  • A faith-based approach ininpatient rehab center
  • Mentors who are strong in their faith
  • Faith-centered sober environment
  • Seamless, faith-based aftercare

Now let’s look at each of these benefits in a little more detail.

A faith-based approach in inpatient rehab Center

Above all, a Christian inpatient drug rehab center will hinge on the common Christian faith of patients, counselors and physicians alike. Through every step in the recovery process, patients are reminded of the unconditional nature of Christian love, along with its healing power.

And in addition to physically and psychologically addressing the causes and symptoms of drug addition, a Christian inpatient drug rehab center also incorporates methods that help patients develop spiritually as they grow their relationship with Christ.

In other words, this type of addiction recovery strategy incorporates Christian teachings and values while also providing traditional clinical therapeutic approaches. It combines the strongest success factors of both traditional and faith-based healing. Together, these approaches help people remain strong in their faith – even in the most difficult portions of treatment – and can help assure that a patient’s connection with Christ grows along the way.

For example, many Christian drug rehab centers incorporate religiously integrated cognitive behavioral therapy into their treatment approach. While retaining all the elements of traditional cognitive behavioral therapy, this strategy also leans heavily on the Christian concepts of grace, faith, reconciliation and forgiveness. This method allows the patient to incorporate his own personal religious tradition as a coping mechanism for dealing with self-destructive thoughts and behaviors.

For many patients, this powerful combination of faith and science, evidence-based treatment and Christian support, can help amplify benefits beyond the ability of either approach on its own. In fact, in many cases, researchers have found that faith-based treatment approaches may be even more effective than traditional treatment methods alone – it’s not uncommon for a life of sobriety to have more meaning for patients when tied to their own personal belief systems and spiritual needs.

Mentors who are strong in their faith

For Christians who struggle with addiction, it’s extremely important to have sound, knowledgeable mentors who not only understand addiction and what patients are struggling with, but also who understand and share patients’ Christian beliefs and can serve as role models and coaches as patients learn to control their cravings, negative thoughts and emotions.

This becomes especially important when bridging the gap between inpatient drug rehab and life outside of rehab. Some Christian drug rehab centers offer Christian mentors who are part of the full-time treatment staff, while others may offer the opportunity to connect with priests or other spiritual leaders who visit the treatment center on a regular basis.

Specifically, a Christian mentor can remind a recovering addict of the importance of leaning on a higher power for support and strength during the recovery process, rather than relying on her own abilities. Support and coping techniques along these lines may include everything from prayer to meditation or other internal and personal communication practices.

Faith-centered, sober environment

One of the chief advantages of any inpatient drug rehab program is its ability to create a safe, drug-free space for recover. When you add to that the element of a common faith and the desire to live a Christ-centered life, the living arrangements at a Christian inpatient drug rehab center can be a powerful catalyst for positive change.

And this kind of support doesn’t necessarily come to an end when the inpatient drug rehab timeline is finished. In fact, in many cases, a Christian inpatient drug rehab center can also offer a seamless transition to a sober, positive living environment for patients after their inpatient drug rehab is complete.

Seamless, faith-based aftercare

The transition from inpatient drug rehab to life in the “real world” can be stressful for many, and it’s not uncommon for patients to struggle greatly and even to suffer relapse after they leave inpatient drug rehab. But patients who seek Christian inpatient drug rehab often enjoy the added benefit of transitioning from inpatient drug rehab to faith-based outpatient care, which offers a smooth continuum of care that reinforces the coping mechanisms and faith-based resources that were introduced during inpatient drug rehab.

This approach and consistency can greatly reduce a patient’s chances for relapse after inpatient drug rehab.

How to find a Christian inpatient drug rehab center

If faith is an important part of your life, it’s likely that you already have tremendous resources within your faith community. And the reality is that Christian drug rehab is all around you if you know where to look. Start with Christian leaders within your own faith community – it’s fairly common for church leadership to have recommendations for church-based support groups and Christian drug rehab centers that may be exactly what you’re looking for. A quick online search may also help identify Christian inpatient drug rehab centers near you that offer the kind of spiritual approach you need. If you’re in the state of Florida, we’re here for you. Our rehab center has a proactive church in the premises with activities throughout the year to assist you in your (or your loved one’s) spiritual recovery.
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The process of recovery from drug addiction is always difficult – it’s a long road to travel, and the more support a patient has, the higher her chances for success. For those to whom faith is essential to their lives, seeking a Christian inpatient drug rehab center offers additional support and meaningful resources that can help make recovery possible. So don’t wait. If you or someone you love is battling addiction, don’t try to do it alone. Reach out to us at House of Freedom, where our faith-based approach to recovery can help chart a course for success.

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