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Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient

The intensive outpatient Orlando drug treatment program is a 16-week program that follows the model proposed by the Matrix Institute of Addictions. It involves more time commitment on the individual’s part by designing a weekly schedule that provides individual and group sessions at a greater frequency than the regular outpatient drug program. This usually translates into 12-15 hours per week of counseling, in group, and private sessions. Intensive outpatient addiction treatment (also known as IOP for “Intensive Outpatient Program”) is a primary drug treatment program recommended in some circumstances by a clinical and medical assessment. Intensive outpatient addiction treatment may be recommended for those who do not need medically supervised detox.

For many individuals this is the second type of drug treatment utilized in order to overcome and addiction or mental health issue. It is usually used if either regular outpatient addiction treatment was infective or as a transition from residential drug rehab.

The intensive outpatient drug treatment program, at House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center Florida, gives patients the opportunity to continue living at home and work in the community while attending addiction treatment. Clients are able to begin implementing the recovery skills developed throughout the intensive outpatient drug treatment program and have the opportunity to process their experience in a safe and supportive group environment. By doing this, they begin to establish a solid framework for life-long sobriety.

As part of this intensive outpatient addiction treatment program, individuals receive an array of therapeutic services including assessments, education, process therapy, 12 step recovery, and peer support. Throughout this program, participants will receive psychological, social, and alcohol/drug assessments, an individualized treatment plan, and continuing care recommendations.

As part of our alcohol/drug assessments, we are able to identify the client’s addictive personality type. Most people are unaware that there are 6 addictive personality types and not identifying it early in treatment, could result in unwanted treatment outcomes.

At House of Freedom Drug Rehab Center Florida, we also integrate our state-of-the-art neurotransmitter testing into the intensive outpatient drug treatment program to help us identify any chemical imbalances and objectively measure the effectiveness of treatment. Because optimal health is only possible when the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems are in balance.

Plus, we also incorporate our DNA testing in order to make well-informed treatment decisions. Performing DNA test on patients provides us with valuable insight about potential neurochemical imbalances and allows us to choose a course of action to treat the individual based on their genetic and biological predispositions. By zeroing in on the underlying causes of the neuropsychiatric/neurochemical condition, House of Freedom is able to design more effective treatment plans from actionable information.

Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment Components:

  • Comprehensive addiction assessments (including Addiction Severity Index)
  • Comprehensive psychological assessments
  • Comprehensive psychiatric assessments and medication management (by Board Certified Psychiatrist)
  • Individualized treatment plans (with medical, psychological and social focus)
  • Motivational enhancement therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Relapse prevention skills training
  • The individual, group, and family therapy provided by professional staff
  • Integrated treatment for a co-occurring psychiatric disorder (e.g., depression, anxiety, eating disorders)
  • Twelve-step facilitation therapy
  • Family support and education on the addictive disease process
  • Relapse Analysis
  • Detailed aftercare plan development for ongoing treatment after discharge

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